Hi, your cakes are absolutely brilliant! I am new to this site so not sure how to post a question? I am a home baker usually making cakes for family and friends. A friend has asked me to do a rockabilly themed wedding cake. I quite like the idea of tattoo design but i’m no artist! Have you ever used edible prints on a cake? I know you can get rice paper prints but not sure if that would look professional enough. Would you have any idea of the best thing to use?? Thanks Bev

Hi Bev, I’m so sorry! I’ve only just seen this message, you must think I was so rude not replying. I have an edible printer and fit things like logos and tattoos it will save a huge amount of time and it will look very professional. I’m guessing that you’ve probably done this cake by now, again I’m so sorry, I don’t log in here often. X

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