I am Gungun Chanda, living in Navi Mumbai for almost 15yrs now but it's about 8years I have started baking professionally. I started baking for friends first then slowly entered the professional field.
I am now a professional home baker, a passionate bread enthusiast, a cake artist and a teacher. I did a few short courses and attended a few workshops to upgrade my basic skills and to know the nuances of the baking art.
This field has nourished and nurtured my creative mind where I can experience and experiment many new skills. This field has also given me the opportunity to know some beautiful bakers and cake artists, some of them, I know personally are fabulous human being. I feel privileged and humbled to have them as my good friends.
All my baking related activities come under the brand name of "Sinfully Yours" and "Happiness is Homemade" is my mantra.
Thank you 😊.