Hi everyone !

It was a complete accidental business , I was studying floristry at the time.
For my nephews 1st birthday I decided to make a jungle animal cake , I think 12 hours I worked on it !
I started having friends and family asking for cakes ...3 months later it was a full time job.
I am still learning ...lots of goals ...flowers being one !
I have a serious OCD about cake edges lol a tutorial is in the near future when I finally find the confidence for it !
The cake industry has been kind to me , I have met such lovely friends through collaborations like sugar skull bakers , super cake moms and many more.
cake shows (one of my goals is to enter ) have taught me so much and allowed to meet some internet friends in the flesh !
Thank you for the follow and look forward to seeing all your wonderful art


Hi! Thanks for the follow! Looking forward to see more of your cakes. xx

Elisabete Caseiro, Portugal, https://www.facebook.com/BetySugarland

Thanks for the follow – and following back to see more of your lovely work x


Hi from Noreen and thank you for now following me as i am now following your lovely work and page too.
Happy baking and decorating for 2015 and beyond.

Thank you ladies !

Missy Claire’s cakes

Claire you cakes are wonderful!!! I’m now following and just can’t wait to see more!! xx

Kristy, Texas - www.facebook.com/KosmicCustomCakes

Aw thank you Hun !

Missy Claire’s cakes

Thank you for the follow I am returning the compliment!


Thank you Hun .. Love your work !

Missy Claire’s cakes

Thank you Hun ! Your work is amazing too !

Missy Claire’s cakes

Hi new follow from me..I saw your cake on Cake and Sweet Decorating..amazing cakes :)