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-- Butterfly dream cakes

your cakes are brilliant, lovely work. new follow here.

-- Shannon of Sweet ObsesShan

Thankyou so much !! xx

-- Butterfly dream cakes

Great job , have New follower! !!!!


Thanks for the follow, I’m now following your beautiful creations x

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Thank you very much Julie for the compliment on my cake! All the best! x

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thanks you guys ! i am new to this ,so i am trying to get my head around it !! Love what you lovelies are posting !! x

-- Butterfly dream cakes

Thank you for the follow Julie! I’m also following you because your work is beautiful!

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Hi Julie new follow from me…your cakes are beautiful xx

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Hi Julie, new follow! Love your cakes!!!

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Mila, Enza and Elisabete !! thankyou so much lovely ladies !! looking forward to getting to know you sweeties !! And thanks again !! i too love your cakes !! x

-- Butterfly dream cakes

Hi Julie new follow from me your cakes are amazing totally inspiring xx

-- Helen Haslam, Manchester,,

your cakes are beautiful x

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Love your work ! New follow for you ;)

Love your cakes…they are works or art. New follower

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