Hello to all of you, fellow creatives

My name is Christina Wallis thanks for popping in! I make SUGAR FLOWERS and COLD PORCELAIN flowers as well as PAINTED CAKES.

I also have my own line of BOTANICALLY CORRECT FLOWER VEINERS which you can find if you follow the link below 20% off to all first time buyers use 'FIRSTPURCHASE' COUPON at the checkout ,
sending UK, EU, USA, OZ, New Zealand, Canada, India & Dubai

I also run Christina Wallis Cold Porcelain Flowers , a YOUTUBE channel where I post new tutorials whenever I find time to make them! Do pop in to say hello! 😀


The best place to find me is INSTAGRAM where I where I spend way too much time and, among other things, post 'live stories' of my work in process, which tend to be popular. If you follow me and drop me a line that you know me from Cakesdecor, I'll follow you back.


I'm also in and out of FACEBOOK and believe in skill-share, so it's a good place to send me any technical Qs, esp. within my niche ( I speak Russian as well as English)



Christina Wallis


Love your work. I will follow you 😘😘

I’m so glad you joined us !!!!!! God heard my prayers like you I was need someone who speaks Russian and works in a style of which I dream.I follow you from Russia!!

Svetlana Antonova

Привет, у вас отличный Английский так что можем и на том и на том :) рада от вас услышать :)

Christina Wallis

Thank you ))) this is only Google!

Svetlana Antonova

Поразительно, раньше он был безполезный а сейчас не плохо!

Christina Wallis

Privet Christina, ochen’ lyublyu vashi cveti, oni prosto kak nastoyawie, zhivie 👍👍👍👍. S neterpeniem budu zhdat vashix novix tvoreniy.
Following you with great pleasure from France✌


Hello, Gateau de L and your beautiful cakes, спасибо за комплимент :)

Christina Wallis

Lovely work!! :) :)

Sweet Prelude

Beautiful work Christina, your flowers looks so real and your videos will definitely help many of us-newbies.Following on Youtube and Instagram too so I’ll keep on with your news :)


Christina!!!! Didn’t know you are here too!!! 😍😍😍😍

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