Latest Cake Decorating Tutorials

Barbie Cake Tutorial

Turtoria Various photo’s detailing how to make this simple cake

3D Cakes #1: Vintage Santa Boots and Sleepy Elves

Hope these picture groups are self-explanatory but please just ask if you have any questions! You will also find this tutorial on my Facebook page. thank you for looking and I hope this tutorial is helpful! ...


Mini rose tutorial

This is a tutorial showing you how to create mini roses perfect for cupcakes. Easy and simple to make.

Tree tutorial

A tree tutorial using different star cutters. Easy!

Tutorial #4: Canon Camera Topper

So for this topper I used styrofoam but you can use the same technique for a real cake with edible image. ;) I cut my styrofoam with a Hot wire using the template as my guide....

Giraffe Figurine Tutorial

This tutorial is for the giraffe figuring sitting ontop of cake, for the tutorial to paint the bottom tier follow this link You’ll need : ball tool large & very small, 10cm long skewer, knife, small...

Painted Giraffe Print on Fondant Cake

This tutorial is to paint the Giraffe print on the botom tier of this cake, for the tutorial on the Giraffe figurine follow this link I’m using 2 colours to paint 1. with the first is a mixture of 1tsp...

New Era Cap Cake Tutorial

1. Start with a Cake that has been baked in a ball tin or in this cake a 2 litre pyrex bowl. 2. Layer, fill and coat the cake with buttercream as normal. 3. Roll out red sugarpaste. 4, over the cake with the sugarpaste and...

Cheap - easy BLACK FONDANT!

I made this tutorial (my first ever) a couple of months ago when I needed a small amount of black fondant for a special project… it was an experiment that worked brilliantly!!! Hope you get some help from it, click through the pictures for...