Latest Cake Decorating Tutorials

Gumpaste or Fondant Ruffle Flower #1: Ruffle flower part 1

My cakey friends, here’s a video tutorial on how I made the big ruffle flower on the above cake. Just a heads up, I used 50/50 gum paste and fondant mixture on all the ruffle flowers shown in this video.

Buttercream Rainbow and Fondant Zebra Stripes

Karlene, is a lovely 11 year old (just turned) who is so charming. I met her two years ago. (I know her mom) She was looking at one of my cake photo albums when she said, “I love these cupcakes! They have the Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon on them and...

How to make a Gumpaste Rainbow

Gather your materials (add a ruler or straight edge to this list!) Knead in a little tylose powder to your coloured fondant. My ratio is 1tsp tylose to 250g of fondant. Roll ropes of fondant (now gumpaste!) to desired thickness. Keep...

Simple Royal Icing Transfer

A short picturial showing how to transfer an image using a template and royal icing.

How I Made My Ranunculus Flowers

my first Mask

i always wondered how to make a mask and tried it out came out pretty well and i am pleased hope you like it

Tutorial on Gumpaste Hibiscus Flowers

I decided to create this very easy and simple tutorial to demonstrate an easier way (at least for me) of creating this flower rather than doing the petal by petal process and the outcome is just as stunning. Enjoy!

how to make a Gruffalo cake topper and mouse cake topper

Simple tutorial about how to make a Gruffalo cake topper and mouse cake topper. ...

How To Make a Shoe Cupcake

This is a link to a short video i made showing how to use rice krispy treats to make cupcake shoes! This is my first tutorial. Hope you like it!

How to make a 2D character!!

This is a pictorial video on how I made my 2D Baby Minnie cake topper for a baby shower cake. Hope you enjoy it and find it helpful. Thanks for looking!!!