Fondant canes #3: Striped technique


Here is the third lesson about fondant canes.
Today I want to show you a simple techniqueto get fondant sheet with stripes of different colors.


For this technique, as already seen, we need a few tools :

modeling fondant white and lilac, in different shades ;
a cutter and some cookies ;
a precision knife;
a small rolling pin with the guides for the control of the thickness;
a set of 3 blades;
a skewer or a toothpick;

Note: You can use the normal fondant, as done in lesson number 1, but if your hands are hot or if the temperature is high, I would recommend the modelling fondant. And, if you want very hard decorations, you can use the gum paste.
Generally, it would be a good idea to rest your canes at least a couple of hours before you slice them, to avoid deformation during cutting, but in this case, because you’ll use a cookies cutter, it will not be necessary.

Here we go!

Roll out the fondant with a rolling pin and the thicker guide, cut rectangles of similar size using the blade.

Overlap rectangles alternating colors as you like.

Compact the canes reducing a bit, trim the sides so as to form a regular block and divide it into two parts.

Overlap the two sides; reduce the canes a little bit more and get the 0.5 cm thick slices .

Roll each slice with a rolling pin and the thinner guides, and cut out the shapes.

The photographs below show the step-by-step procedure to complete the cookies.

I hope you like this lovely cookies!

See you soon


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