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Location: London

It all started when I wanted to do some thing special for my daughter's first Birthday. After months of googling,I decided to make a tiered Castle cake. I was skeptical initially , but the Castle cake turned out really good than I imagined.Thanks a lot Cakedecor, Youtube and Google. :-) It gave me confidence to try out more and now it has become my passion. I realized that making cakes and decorating is not that difficult provided you have the passion, time and patience. This page is to share some of my cakes, tips and recipes with my friends and family. :-) I haven't gone for any baking class nor an expert in this. I try out new experiments and eat it however it turns out to be. Appreciate my husband and kids for that. :-)


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SweetLin ...

Thank you for the following…it’s very nice to meet a new cakey friend :) xxx