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Location: Pune, Maharashtra, India

Hello, I am Meenakshi from Pune, India. An IT engineer by qualification, I decided to quit my job for kids. Sitting at home, thought of taking my hobby seriously and started exploring about cake decoration through internet. Now I am in love with my newly found profession and have been doing cakes professionally since last 1+ year. I am yet to learn lot of things out there but feeling happy to be part of this creative field. Happy to join CakesDecor! :)

Spongy Affairs, Pune - India,



SugarMagicCakes (Christine) ...

Hi Meenakshi, just looking at some of your cakes! Theyre fantastic, I cant believe you have only just started decorating! Its been my hobby for 10 years and you look like you have been doing it that long! :)
Warm welcome to cakes decor, you will love it here! :)
Christine xx

Meenakshi Jamadagni ...

Hi Christine,
Oops!!! I am so sorry for replying so late, I don’t login here so frequently, saw your message now! I am feeling so honoured after reading your comments, thanks, thanks so much for being so kind with your words, they mean a lot. I can’t tell you how much it has boosted my confidence now. I love all your work :)
Again, extremely sorry for replying late :( Now I’ll make sure to login here frequently :)
Thanks for wishes & warm regards,

SugarMagicCakes (Christine) ...

No problem Meenakshi, ive only just seen your reply, thanks for the follow! :-)

Meenakshi Jamadagni ...