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collor bear tutorial

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bear tutorial

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Baby tutorial

little duck's swimming

Easter bunny

Find this one very funny…..

Litlle easter chickens....

Made these little chickens with lots of fun

making your own string of fondant pearls (no mold necessary)

Because I don’t have a ton of $$$$$$$$$$ to spend on molds I am getting quite creative and decided to string my own fondant pearls. And I made earrings as well they are for a wedding dress cupcake cake. Im pretty impressed with my self. The...

making a brooch mold out of old fondant

I am sure this is not anything new to some of you but I thought I’d share a short tutorial on how I made my own mold out of old fondant. I love decorating but do not have a ton of $$$$$$$$$ to spend on different molds. I had seen this done a...