Latest Cake Decorating Tutorials

Create Sugar and Brush Embroidery Peony

So many of you have asked if it was possible to create a sugar peony for a cupcake. I thought why not… As I have proclaimed in the past, cake decorating is not limited to cakes; you can use the same method for your cookie art and cupcake...

Airbrushed minecraft board

I just made a minecraft cake and decided to try and airbrush the squares to save time, this is what I did .

Cupcake topper tutorials #1: Lovebirds <3

Lovebirds cupcake topper inspired by some beautiful cookies by Little Wonderland (who gracefully gave me permission to be inspired ;) I use water to stick pieces on and then leave the topper to dry (either in the oven on a very low...

Fondant decorations #1: Valentines Day cupcake topper - Me to you teddy bear tutorial

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How to make a Magnolia out of Wafer Paper

Hello, I made my first wafer paper Magnolia flower and took pictures along the way. I will be using these on an upcoming cake. :) Hope you enjoy! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Also you can follow me on fb @...

fondant face tutorial #1: fondant face tutorial

Tutorial Romeo (Thomas O' Malley) - From The Aristocats

Hello dear friends of Cakes Decor ^ _ ^! I share with you my last tutorial, Romeo – From The Aristocats … There were too many photos to upload them all here, so I made this photo-collage … for the step...

Little Monster Reuben Celebration Cake Tutorial

Fun and Free Cake Tutorial.

Quick mini Rose Tutorial

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Ruffle pompom flowers

Hi there, Here is my tutorial how to make ruffle pompom flowers. It looks more complicated then it is. So let’s start! What do you need: Flowerpad Frill tool A round frill cutter Edible glue Instructions Color...