Latest Cake Decorating Tutorials

Free formed Cherry Blossom

Spring is here and I want to celebrate it with you all by sharing this cherry blossom tutorial. As you know, all my flowers are free formed. I hope you’ll like it! Lots of sweet hugs and Happy Easter to all

Free formed ranúnculos tutorial( my way)

This is a free formed ranúnculos tutorial. As you already know, all my flowers are free formed made- no cutters or templates used to do it. Today I want to share with you all how I made my ranúnculos. Lots of sweet hugs to all ...

Painting Tutorial - 'Peek-a-Boo' Easter Bunny

Hi everyone! This Easter, I didn’t know what to do… Literally… I thought about eggs, then bunnies, then bunnies in eggs, then I forget about it… Suddenly, yesterday when I was navigating through Pinterest, a cute drawing appears in my...

My Lavender Tutorial

Hope you like it :) x Click here for tutorial!

Quick and easy way to make Wafer paper Butterfly

Hi, there ! This is how i make wafer paper butterfly. First, i print out some different size of butterfly on a piece of paper then i trade wafer paper on top . I used food color pen to trade on wafer paper and color with edible dust. ...

How to Decorate a Pansy Ruffle Cookie

Pansies are beautiful five petal flowers with a large ruffled bottom petal. They are an impressive flower that looks complicated to pipe, however, are quite easy! The pansy is fitting for these Lambeth style ruffled cookies. Supplies need...

How To Decorate Easter Bunny and Chick Cookies!

Pressure piping is one of my favorite techniques to use with royal icing. This method is very versatile and looks brilliant on cakes and cupcakes too. However, cookies are the perfect canvas for perfecting the style. *The gold dust used for...

Easter hen house cake topper

Easter hen house cake topper if you like the videos, please subscribe for more content ( it’s free! ) and be sure to share the videos with your friends.

Large Wafer Paper Tulips

When you paint them the color will look bold , but it soaks into the paper and and the petal will curl :D . I then brush them with luster dust .<3

Fondant Tutorials #2: Layering technique

For a friend’s birthday present wanted to try out a new fondant technique; layering… With many trial and error tryouts, eventually i managed to create his portrait in a personalized style and put it in a frame. ;D Hope you’ll like it! ...