Latest Cake Decorating Tutorials

How to apply Edible Silver Leaf to a Cake

This is one of my older tutorials, so, I guess, I do a fair deal of mumbling and humming, but it’s been popular enough, so I thought why not post it here! Thanks for watching

Baby Dino cake topper

How to make Virgen plis topper.

In this video tutorial I share how to make “Virgen plis” topper: Click here:

Standing cookie cake tutorial

Not really a tutorial, just more of a progress photos, but I thought it might help someone as well :)

New Website with free tutorials, Blog, Gallery and Sugar flower tutorial store

I have finally got a new website where I have added all my free tutorials I also have made a gallery of some of my sugar flowers so people can take a wee walk around my sugar garden. ...

Painting Showstopper Silver Cake: TUTORIAL

Another last from the past, making edible silver paint and painting your cake, nice and easy

Harry Potter Cake Tutorial

This is definitely one of my new favourite cakes I’ve made so far! The Golden Snitch turned out just the way I hoped it would. Above is a tutorial on how to make the entire cake from Harry Potter’s glasses to the Golden Snitch. Enjoy!


Cake TUTORIALS in RUSSIAN: #2: Как Рисовать на Торте: Разговор о Технике

Русская версия недавнего видео ( The Russian VoiceOver of the recent vid I posted, discussing some techniques of painting cakes) Спасибо за просмотр!

Bunny cake topper tutorial