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A Bite of Buttercream #10: Using a Silicone Mold with Buttercream

Using Buttercream in a mold?? Sorcery!! Well no actually, it’s easier than you might think, and opens up a whole world of design and decoration opportunities. As well as fondant/gumpaste/modelling chocolate, you can use silicone molds with...


Beautiful and easy to make 8 petal Rose. Tutorial:

how to makup girl face


VIDEO #1: Sparkly Reindeer Cake Topper

My very first video for 2016 guys! I Hope you all like it and please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel because that’s my biggest inspiration for more videos :) video:

Fondant airbrush painting of a horse...

How to paint on fondant with airbrush. "":

Sugarpaste Tutorials #3: Large Peony

“Made out of sugar paste, Peonies are a graceful and majestic addition to all manner of cakes for a variety of different occasions. Added to anything from birthday cakes to wedding cakes, peony’s are one of the grandest flowers and really give...

Sculpted cakes #1: Winter Castle Cake Topper

“This is a beautiful and versatile fairy tale castle cake topper. Made out of modelling chocolate, rice krispies and a marshmallow base, it’s perfect for any sweet toothed princess. Modelling chocolate is a perfect medium for the purpose as seams...

RECIPES #2: Rich Chocolate Frosting

Today I’ve been baking all day long. All I smell is sweet, chocolate, vanilla hahaha… Recipe:

The making of part #2! Airbrush painting on fondant.

The making of part #2! Airbrush painting on fondant. "":""

DUCHESS THE ARISTOCATS cake topper fondant - tutorial pasta di zucchero gli aristogatti DUCHESSA