Latest Cake Decorating Tutorials

Gumpaste Pomegranate Branch tutorial

Easy buttercream video tutorial.

Hello all! This is my video tutorial of how to make easy buttercream. this buttercream recipe is the one i use at my bakery all the time, easy to make , just a few ingredients and crusts very well. Hope you guys like it ")

White Anemone tutorial

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Little ugly witch cupcake topper

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Cake painting #2: Aurora Princess painted cake

Here are all the photographs, step by step, to do this cake. The base is a Quattro Quarti cake, with 4 eggs, filled with a chocolate mousse (recipes card on the web site) Painting Aurora To best understanding of my tecnique watch my video on...

Halloween Hello Kitty Ghost Tutorial

Halloween is coming…this one is tutorial how to make Hello Kitty Ghost for the topper of cupcake. Hope you like it. For the instruction you can visit my page : . Thank you for watching. Hope you like it :) ...

How i made my shades of Autumn cake

ok so this cake was all an experiment as i was wanting to try pleats, i was worried all the differant colours would’nt go well together but thankfully it came together so here is a tutorial on how i did it :) i started by...

How to use letter cutters

Roll the gum paste (or you can use 50/50 gum paste/fondant mix) as thin as you can. Press your desired letter into the gum paste and move it to the right and left a little bit. Take a pin and gently release the gum paste out of the...

Buttercream floral designs #2: Pink and white roses in reverse colors

Bake and frost 1/4 sheet cake in Pink (I used princess pink color in gel). I pipe #3 or #4 white BC vines in corners, then pipe #104 roses on flower nail and place in corner in corners. I added rose buds along vines and start...

Fall or Autumn designs #1: Maple leaves and vines in 100% buttercream

Bake and frost 1/4 sheet cake in buttercream frosting. Using buttercream icing tinted w/ paste or gel colors in red, orange, brown, teal and olive green. Use #3 tip to make olive green vines around top inner edge of cake. Then...