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How to Decorate Seasonal Vintage Birthday Cookies

I have several friends and family with birthday in September, October, and November, so decorated 3 styles of Elegant Dimensional Seasonal Vintage Birthday Cookies to bring to the celebrations! In this videoI will show how I made each...

Fondant Tutorials #4: Fondant Rosette Ruffles

🎉Tutorial Alert on “Fondant Rosette Ruffles”! Please visit for more; 🤗Son günlerin trendi fırfır efektini fotoğraflarla anlattım. ☝️Blog’umdaki bu yazı için; ;D #rosetteruffles #rosettefrufflescake...

How to Make Wafer Paper Flower

I was very curious to see how Fabriliquid actually works. This was my first try with it and probably that’s why I forgot to show it in the video and had to add in the subtitles :) Fabriliquid helped a lot on giving some nice natural look to...

Easiest DOMED CUPCAKES Tutorial

In this Yeners Cake Tip, I share with you my easy way to quickly prepare cupcakes with dome tops to get them ready for decorating. With this method you can prepare hundreds of domed cupcakes for decorating, in minutes! Don’t forget to like...

Fondant Decoration #3: Halloween Cake Decorating (ear and finge)

This is tutorial about how to create the fingers and ears for Halloween cake. It’s a very easy and quick tutorial and I hope some of you find it useful. if you like the videos, please subscribe for more content ( it’s free! ) and be sure to...

wafer paper flowers

I would like to share with you some tips for using wafer paper and make some flores. Also if somebody can share something else with wafer paper that will be great.

Especial bodas magazine tutoriales

Cake Lace Frames

After taking a Faye Cahill class on Craftsy I began using Claire Bowman’s Cake Lace and I love it. Last night I was making some Cake Lace designs for an upcoming wedding cake and I tried an experiment. I am quite pleased that it worked. I filled...

Hand decorated Cookies #3: Wood Effect on Cookies

Elegant heart shaped cookies with golden key. Watch how to make bleached wood effect on cookies using only one tool and food colouring. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Bib, Dummy and Converse Shoes out of fondant for a Christening Cake

After lots of reserches I found the perfect and most cute bibs designs on the internet and reproduced them out of fondant. I hope you enjoy them 😉 😉 😉