Latest Cake Decorating Tutorials

🌟 3D Sugar Cubes Recipe

Hi Everyone! Do want to surprise your guests with just simple sugar but don’t want to waste a lot of time??? I came up with this idea to decorate sugar and to give it a different and fun shape, of course you can choose the colors and shapes...

T-Bone Steak Cake - Video Tutorial

How to Make a Realistic T-Bone Steak Cake!! Full FREE tutorial available on my YouTube Channel:

Elegant Flower Paste Peony Spray

The peonies are starting bloom! The perfect time to create a Flower Paste Peony Spray!

Delicious Chocolate Pudding Cake Recipe

Cakes can be made anytime, anywhere or with anybody. For baking one, there doesn’t have to be a particular reason. Other than for inclusion in different types of parties and gatherings, kuchens can also be served as breakfast. In fact, recent...

Sugarcraft: Materials , Techniques etc #2: Good and Bad Veiners and Cutters in Sugarcraft: SugarArtStudio (Part 1)

Hello everyone, I have just published a first part of a 2 part video, where I honestly REVIEW some of my VEINERS and cutters by SUGARARTSTUDIO. Here, in PART 1, I review Anemone veiner, Blossom Cutter, Giant rose, both veiner and cutter, and...

simple daisy for beginners

link to the you tube video is below "": I really liked these lovely simple daisies and used them on a cake I made for my sisterinlaw I wanted to help people who want t get into the craft without having to fork...

Moana cake tutorial

Link for tutorial available here: "":

How to Design Vintage Hand Painted Tea Set Cookies 🎨🖌️🦋🍵🌷

I love Antique/Vintage Tea Sets, and I have been collecting them for over 20 years!! No surprise the hand painted tea sets are my favorite and my inspiration for this weeks tutorial!


Acquamarine Cake Tutorial

Just click on the link below for the full tutorial. I hope you enjoy it :)