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Pooh Bear cake topper tutorial

Unicorn cupcake topper

Piglet cake topper


Grumpy #1: Grumpy seven dwarfs

Easter Chicken Cake

Hi! It’s been a while when I posted here last time, but I’m back with this cute Easter Chicken Cake:) Hope you will like it!

Hot Cross Bun Cake - Video Tutorial

How to make a CAKE that looks like a GIANT Hot Cross Bun!! Full FREE tutorial on my YouTube Channel:

Inspired Vintage Dimensional Peter Rabbit Cookie Cards

For this week’s video tutorial I am going to take you through, step by step, dimensional pressure piping a bunny for these cookie cards. An exciting revelation happened when I was decorating these cookies; not only do they make a perfect...


How to Decorate a Hand Painted Rose Plaque Cookie

I love painting on royal icing (and fondant as well). Therefore, I created these hand-painted rose plaque cookies. In this video, I will show how to pipe the mini plaque royal icing transfers, use food gel to paint the roses, and finish the...