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Tiny Sugar Shoes #3: Tiny gumpaste high heel shoes for cupcakes tutorial

Tiny gumpaste high heel shoes for cupcakes, using franklysweet tiny cutters set.

Tiny Sugar Shoes #2: Tiny gumpaste baby shoe/ trainer/ sneaker tutorial

Make these cute baby shoes using basic shaped cutters from franklysweet cutters set.

Tiny Sugar Shoes #1: Tiny Gumpaste Tiger Boots for cupcakes tutorial

Use simple basic shaped cutters from the Franklysweet cutters set to make these cute tiger print ankle boots

video face modeling by niv

Jungle Leaves - my way

When I made my Jungle Safari Cake for George I wanted to make those very ‘jungley’ leaves with the loopy slits in the sides but I didn’t have a cutter. I had a little think and came up with this idea. I used an empty drink can and cut a strip...

Cakes step by step #1: Nutella Cake

modelling tutorial #1: Hands


I have done a few more picture tutorial’s to show my method’s hope they help :) First up how is the stamping part , normally i would do this straight onto the cake. You could also use this method cut out and then paint and add to cake for a...

Also you used sticks sculpture Silkon?

It’s a face I sculpted them really comfortable

Fondant tyres

I took some step by step pics while making the wheels and tyres for my combine harvester cake so thought I’d share, any questions please ask hope it’s useful to someone here’s a link to the finished cake I used them on x...