Latest Cake Decorating Tutorials

Simple Rainbow Petunia

I used modelling paste for these flowers. Mix 250g sugarpaste with 1 tsp either gum tragacanth, cmc poder or Tylo powder. Colours used: Wilton rose Sugarflair apricot/tangerine mixed with a little melon Sugarflair primrose ...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tutorial

This is a video showing how I made the head and facial accents to a teenage mutant ninja turtle figure.

The Explosion of cake Decorating Methods

The world of cake decorating has exploded with new techniques and methods. Over the past 25 years or so cake decorating has evolved, from simple cakes that were made mainly for flavor, to complex, multi-layered, multi-tiered delicacies that...

Very easy LOVE cookies

Here is the link of this simple tutorial I posted on youtube, to make cookies for people we love. I hope you enjoy it!!

Tutorial : Princess Cake with Moving Swing and Flying carpet.

As a BIG Thank you for all your warm and lovely support, here is a picture tutorial on how I did my Princess cake with the moving swing and the flying carpet. Hope it will be of help to some of you in some way. You could try this or go one...

Sugar Modelling #1: Making the Jaguar XK150

This is not to scale as I was working fom photos and made my own measurements for this. All sugarpaste. I used foam which I cut to shape to set the bonnet shape overnight. I did not want to use wires for the wheel spokes so I created the ‘look’...

Create Sugar and Brush Embroidery Peony

So many of you have asked if it was possible to create a sugar peony for a cupcake. I thought why not… As I have proclaimed in the past, cake decorating is not limited to cakes; you can use the same method for your cookie art and cupcake...

Airbrushed minecraft board

I just made a minecraft cake and decided to try and airbrush the squares to save time, this is what I did .

Cupcake topper tutorials #1: Lovebirds <3

Lovebirds cupcake topper inspired by some beautiful cookies by Little Wonderland (who gracefully gave me permission to be inspired ;) I use water to stick pieces on and then leave the topper to dry (either in the oven on a very low...

Fondant decorations #1: Valentines Day cupcake topper - Me to you teddy bear tutorial

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