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Fun Fiesta Cakes


How to get customers... and price your cakes right!

I know this may sound silly, but how do you get a cake business started from...

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Michal Bulla


Halloween Contest - And the winner is ...

I would like to thank to all members who participated in our first contest...

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Somebody have a tasting or sample for your cakes??? I need to know some...

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Best roll out icing?

Hi, I’m looking to bulk buy my roll out icing. Can anyone recommend any good...

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Elizabeth Miles Cake Design


Photographing your cakes, do you use a special light?

Hello Again, one of the things I find most frustrating is getting a decent...

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Janine Lister


Fake facebook account! HELP!

Hi, recently i got a message on facebook asking if i had seen a cake someone...

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Philip Stallone


Innovative ideas for macaroons

I am looking for some innovative ideas for making macaroons. Some...

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Threadcakes online contest

Hello everyone! I just wanted to tell anyone who does threadcakes or might...

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Karen Flude


Have you ever thought...........??

I’ve been making cakes for quite a while now……..but today for the first time...

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Nizelle's Custom Cakes & Goodies


New to Cakes Decor!

Hello everyone, I am new to Cakes Decor and so far I am loving it! There...

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Cake Tutorial Event AKA FNQ CAKE SHARE

~Do you have a tutorial/video you have made or found ?Please share and let’s...

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Dulce Delirio


Hi everyone!

We are Dulce Delirio’s pastry shop. Our name in english means sweet...

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Sagging Fondant and Collapsing Cake

I made a three tier fondant cake for a baptism. .by the time I got to the...

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fondant on chilled cakes? yes or no

I made a three tier fondant cake for a baptism. .by the time I got to the...

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Jenniffer White


I was asked to join panel of experts on a webinar!

A week or so ago I was contacted by Minette Rushing (of Custom Cakes of...

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Sweet Foxylicious



Hi all Sorry I haven’t been looking and commenting on your lovely cakes, I...

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The Sweet Boutique


We are glad to join you!

Welcome to The Sweet Boutique, a bakery with sweet treats that "Satisfy All...