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Hi, recently i got a message on facebook asking if i had seen a cake someone had made that looked like one of mine, i replied that i hadnt but it was a good cake. They responded by telling me i was very generous.
I checked the account that sent me the email and they have set up a fake account using my cake decorating name and they have even stole photos from my website and added links to my website as though it is their own.
Does anyone know what i can do about this account? Should i be worried? I dont understand what someone would gain from doing this!
I would be grateful for any advice!
Thank you in advance!

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Cakemummy ...

I’m not sure, but maybe you should report this to Facebook, not good someone pretending to be you they may put something up that makes you look bad! I would be investigating it further!

You've Been Cupcaked (Sara) ...

I had a similar issue on facebook a while back with someone using my photos. I reported them to facebook and they took care of it for me. I dont mean to worry you, but usually when someone does something like that its not for good reasons :[ so I would suggest contacting someone asap. I hope it works out for you!

June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

Unfortunately, this happens more frequently than we know. Agree with what others have said, contact Facebook ASAP so they can deal with this issue.
I have a professional cake decorator friend, been in business 40+ years. A newbie that opened in her area actually took pics off my friends cake website and and passed them off as her own. A savvy customer who was having a consult with my friend recognized the photo the “other decorator” had shown her. Sorry to say when it comes to business and money, some people will stoop pretty low.

Goreti ...

Definitely report it to facebook especially since they are using your cake decorating name.

Janine Lister ...

Hi, thanks for your advice. I contacted Facebook and they said it just looks like we have the same name so wont do anything! I have had to contact them again to say she has taken screenshots of my website and using them as her pictures and also linking to my website and Facebook page on her profile page, hopefully ill get a better reply this time!
Thank you all again!!

June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

I hope you get a better reply. Janine…..that certainly wasn’t suitable.
I checked out your cake page Janine. Very good you posted that caveat on your page front & centre for all to see about the fake decorator. Very smart move….

You've Been Cupcaked (Sara) ...

Hey Janine! I was going to hop on the fake page and report the page through the actual fake page (I totally forgot about being able to do that) and I couldn’t find it, so hopefully they removed it for you! :] if it still is there though post a link to it, if we all band together and report the page that should help :]

Lucymaybakes ...

Sorry this has happened to you Janine it sounds a bit odd…
Maybe you could edit your photos to have your actual name across them like photographers do and a statement underneath asking people to not use your photos? Hope you get it sorted :-)

Samantha Corey ...

Hey this is scary, i hope you have it all under control. but i would 1 report them as everyone has said and 2 go on a bow up there page with posts and comments about how this page is fake and these are my pictures. they will block you but at least some people will see before they do. also post on your account to your fans about you having an imposture and to be carful.

Sweet Foxylicious ...

Oh my god thats awful. Keep on it with facebook. If no good try and contact them via a solicitor letter advising she better remove your pics etc insrantly. Definately watermark. Its made me think now! Good luck xx