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I am new here and learning everything for the first time, I posted a couple of pic but need to rotate a couple of pic and have no idea how or even if I can. Could someone please advise me as to how


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whitecrafty ...

Welcome to CakesDecor! Your cakes are amazing!! I’m not sure you can rotate a picture once you have posted it, but I think Michel can. If he doesn’t see this note in forums, you can sent him a private message.

miettes ...

Hi Michelle,
You need to rotate them before you post them. If you are posting a picture without changing the orientation in an editing software (any one), your pictures will be in the original orientation… SO change it before posting! Hope this helps :-)
And welcome to cakesdecor!!

Michelle Johnson ...

Ok so I have ran into this problem a coup,e of times where I want to ad a pic bit it’s sideways. I do not see rotate anywhere . Does anyone know Where to look ?

Prima Cakes Plus ...

Michelle you would need to rotate the pic in a photo editing software first before uploading. If you are on a pc you can simply open the photo in windows viewer and use the arrows at the bottom to rotate it in the correct direction.