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Hello all,

So far I have used the ready made fondant. Can some one please suggest a good and easy fondant recipe. I tried marsh mallow fondant once, but it became very sticky.
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BellaCakes & Confections ...

Liz Marek has a great recipe and a you tube video how to make it. This is what I use and LOVE it! It actually tastes great. I have made cakes for people that hate fondant and are die hard buttercream fans and they have also loved it. Hope it helps.
Heres the link

whitecrafty ...

I second Diane choice of Liz Marek’s fondant. I only recently started using it, and it is just amazing stuff. So easy to make, and easy to use. No rips, or elephant skin, just perfect smooth fondant. I highly recommend it!!

amber hawkes ...

In use mne! 2 cups generic marshmallows, 1tbsp water. Microwave till melted. Stir (add flavoring and or coloring) and add 2 cups powdered sugar. Mix then put on a lightly dusted with p sugar surface and knead like bread. Its cheap, tastes awesome, and covers great!