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When ever I recieve a comment on a photo of mine or on my forum topic I have to look at every photo or topic to see if I had got a comment, is there a way in the settings that you can change so this site can tell you, like as a notification, that someone has comment on something of yours?

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Michal Bulla ...

Sure, click on the “My CakesDecor” located on the top right of the website and choose “My Home” from the drop-down navigation. Then click on the “Edit email notifications” link on the left of the page, below your icon. There are all the notification settings.

I hope this helps.

Loren Ebert ...

Hi Michal,
I’m having the same problem…All of my boxes are “checked”, but I don’t receive the emails.

tortacouture ...

are you guys sure they are not going into your junk mail?

Loren Ebert ...

Nope, not in my junk or spam folder…I check them every day…thanks for the suggestion though! :o)

Loren Ebert ...

My “favorites” don’t work either. For example I “favorited” Peggy Does Cake. I assume I should receive a notification everytime she posts a new picture, right? I don’t get an email.

cakes by khandra ...

thanks for the help i hope this works out for me and they gt sent to my email

Michal Bulla ...

Thanks for letting me know, we’re going to find out what’s going on.