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168 views, 0 by Sushma Rajan- Cake Affairs

Sushma Rajan- Cake Affairs


Hi all lovely bakers from around the world.. Its and awesome platform to see n learn from various decorators and bakers.. Am so glad to be a drop in the ocean.. Am Sushma from Chennai, India and have been baking for a yr and a half.. My mom...

263 views, 0 by Alpa Boll - Simply Alpa

Alpa Boll - Simply Alpa

Iphone cake wanted - anyone near Malvern?

I’ve had a request for an IPhone cake but the person is based in Malvern so to far for me. If anyone is able to help and make this style of cake and is closer can you let me know. They need it for July. Thanks, Alpa :)

613 views, 0 by MishDecorate

Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom cake

I’ve started decorating/using fondant for the first time I used fondant+tylose and created the outer castle last night I used a tin for support but there is no support inside the icing (not sure if I should have) seems to be quite...

384 views, 0 by Cut The Cake Kitchen

Cut The Cake Kitchen


Hi I’m Emma from Cut The Cake Kitchen, I’m new to Cakes Décor and wouldn’t mind some tips on what its all about. I’ve heard the whisperings about it and I think I’m gonna be hooked. ; – ) Here’s a sample of one of my birthday cakes….I’m a...

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Hi, I’m Sue. I still pretty new to cake decorating. It sort of found me. It started with me insisting on making my little ones’ birthday cakes…no matter how hideous they were going to look and taste…and suddenly, at the beginning of last year, I...

264 views, 1 by Oaktreebakes


Hi I’m Cheryl from the newly formed oaktree bakes 😄. I’m really new here and at the cake business as ive just started out in business so very wet behind the ears and eager to learn and make it. I hope to pick up loads of hints and ideas from...

459 views, 1 by Cake Chic3

Cake Chic3

Pastillage Recipe?

I would like feedback on a pastillage a recipe as to how it handles.Yener’s way gives good advice on working with pastillage and has a great Recipe for pastillage which consists of Gelatine,Icing sugar mix ,Water,Glucose and Cream of tartar. I ...

392 views, 0 by EllieSweets


Coconut Oil?

Alright so I have a friend who’s become a health nut and would like for me to make her a cake and asked if I could use coconut oil in the batter rather than vegetable. However I’m not sure if that will affect the structure or consistency of the...

188 views, 0 by BakeDelight

Hi I am new

Hi my name is Mariska and I live in South Africa. I love working with my hands and still learning. I am on this site to learn and also to learn to cover a cake properly I really am struggeling with it and hope to learn so much. Thank yuou for...

278 views, 0 by Tante Fondant

Tante Fondant

how to support a tilting shuttlecock?

For my boyfriend I really would like to make a cake that look like a shuttlecock that just hit the ground, but is still kind of tilting towards the floor. Can you help me on the construction? How should I put together the support structure for...

399 views, 0 by nehabakes

Old Monk Bottle Cake

Hi i have to make a lying down Old monk rum cake. i wanted to know, how to get that whiskey color and shine on the bottle. I don’t have any air brush machine. The old monk bottle has sorta mosaic finish on top….how do i get that as well?...

314 views, 0 by mandapanda

Closing Dallas Bakery-Selling All Cake Decorating Items

A Dallas Bakery is selling all of our baking equipment. This will include: mixing bowls, pastry bags, pastry tips, cake circles, cake boxes, other cake decorating small wares, and much more! If you are in the Dallas area this weekend looking for...

886 views, 5 by Fancy Favours & Edible Art (Sawsen)

Fancy Favours & Edible Art (Sawsen)

Hello from Sawsen! :)

Hi all! I just joined yesterday… this is my story I’ve been making cakes for fun for years… nothing fancy, mainly cakes with mounds of whipped cream, fruit, chocolate sauce or custard all over them… not the sugar-coated art I see on your site...

370 views, 0 by Bizcochosymas


introducing myself

Hi everyone my name is Leomares I’new here, happy to joying. Been decorating cakes for a long time just for hobby. About 5years ago I desire to make it for buisiness now I’m retired and baking is what I love doing. Thank you for welcome me...

379 views, 0 by Bb's Sweet "Treets"

Bb's Sweet "Treets"

Hey everyone!

I’m new here! I am just starting my own cake decorating business out of my apartment! Small space is tricky but whatever! I am gonna do what i wanna do and this has been my passion since i was 18 (I’m 27)… Anyways! Follow my page! I have a few...

720 views, 21 by Tynka


Competition support

Hi lovely people :-) I would like to ask you for supporting my cake in Facebook competition.So please, if you like my cake, I woud really appreciate your “like” to this facebook photo....

501 views, 1 by Princessflange

New here

Hello! I’m new here and fairly new to decorating cakes! I’ve been baking since I was very young and have started baking and decorating birthday cakes over the last few years – self taught. I recently went on a decorating course which has...

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Hello to all, I ‘m NanyDelice I ’m 34 years old I’m a fan of decorated cakes andI like making cake .I live in Marseille in France and I’m a seller in bakery I hoped to learn with you a lot see you soon

451 views, 0 by Christeena Dinehart

Christeena Dinehart

New to CakeDecor family!

Hello from northern Indiana where the weather is so unpredictable you plan for all four seasons for every outdoor event!! Lol! I started decorating cakes when I first made my daughter’s wedding cake out of a need to save money. I had never...

876 views, 2 by Fancy Favours & Edible Art (Sawsen)

Fancy Favours & Edible Art (Sawsen)

I've been trolled on social media XD

Hi everyone, I just had my first trolling comment on social media! I feel like I must be doing something right to join the ranks of almost every famous & amazing cake artist who people feel the need to publicly put down XD I won’t say where...