Preparation for my first cake competition..cont'd

I’ve been working on some of the characters for the competition cake again this week. I’m quite pleased with them so far, but there’s loads to do yet.

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Also this week I’ve been trying out recipes and icing techniques for Christmas biscuits…yes Christmas seams to arrived early to my kitchen this year! I’m preparing ready for my Craft Stall later in the year and don’t want any nasty surprises with soggy biscuits or the taste not being just right. So I iced the biscuits and hung them on a wishing tree to make sure they look good and they stay on the tree for a good long time. The smell of spiced biscuits was just too much for my Westie Sadie, and she sat barking at the tree until I gave in and gave her a treat… big mistake! I’m putting together a Gingerbread house tomorrow, I’ve not made a large house before, so it could be tricky getting it to be sturdy enough, but I’ll soon find out.

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And in amongst all of this I made an Octonauts Birthday cake and 3 dozen cup cakes for a 4th Birthday on Sunday. Aparently Octonauts is the new sensation on the T.V if your about 4yrs old! I’ve done my homework, and now I know most of the characters – the main man is Captain Barnacles and he and his “crew” have a blue submarine that finds out hurt creatures and protects the sea life and the environment.

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It’s a refreshing change from the average kids program where characters fight each other for points.
And if the children are taught to protect and not distroy everything that’s a bonus (get me!- on my soap box!)
Anyway, that’s me for this week, I’ve put photos of the competition characters, the biscuits and the Octonauts cake on my cake photo section, I hope you enjoy them. Photos of Gingerbread house and more on the Competition cake to follow soon. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

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Michal Bulla ...

I like your Octanaughts and characters as well ;)

The Moonlight Hare ...

Thanks, I really enjoyed doing them all.