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How to make Snoopy out of fondat cake topper

I’m so exited that a new movie of The Peanuts is coming out! When I was a little girl I used to love watching Snoopy and his friends, so I’ve decided to make a tutorial of Snooy ;) Enjoy ;)

New beginnings #11: Chocolate house

Normally at this time of year I have all the teachers presents sorted, normally something personalised or unusual but this year I bought a house mould from lakeland. I tested it out for my brother in laws 18 th and he loved it so decided that’s...

Preparation for my first cake competition..cont'd

I’ve been working on some of the characters for the competition cake again this week. I’m quite pleased with them so far, but there’s loads to do yet. Also this week I’ve been trying out recipes and icing techniques for Christmas...