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How to make Rapunzel cake topper out of fondant

Rapunzel is my first Disney Princess caketopper! I really loved making her because she is one of my favourite Disney Princess! Hope you like her! Enjoy ;)

How to make a Squirrel out of fondant

Who likes Squirrels??? I think that they are so cute and friendly :) So I made this quick tutorial! Hope you like it ;)

Lopsided Cakes: Any Better Reason to Love Them?

I love them. Lopsided cakes look beautiful and creative. Here’s the full instruction Make sure you have your tools. Bake your cake as usual. And if you can get a special pan for sided cakes. Enjoy and ave fun.

My first sketch on fondant "Sir Winston Churchill"

Ladybug theme cake

A Bite of Buttercream #11: Perfect Layers

Perfect, even layers. They look good huh? But just how do you get them? Sorcery? Well possibly, but let’s stick to the easy way! There are numerous ways you can layer (Torte) your cake, but we’ll look at the three most popular, and weigh their...

Wafer flowers fast and easy for cake decorating.

Thank you for watching.

Rainbow Dash from "My Little Pony" out of fondant

Hiii Sweeties, Everyone loves My Little Pony, they are so cute . My favourite one is Rainbow Dash, so I decided to make a tutorial! Enjoy ;)

So far.... #1: A Round up of Some Bits of 2015

I found this new app this week and decided to do a round up of some of my work from 2015. I did more than I thought! Especially as I work almost full time hours and I belong to a few quilting clubs and projects ongoing there too. I have really...


Cake de Maseca super facil de preparar y rapido! Y queda riquisisisimo :P Receta: