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3D Emmet Cake Tutorial

A free full length tutorial by Chef Serdar Yener on how to make a 3D Emmet Cake from Lego Movie. Downloadable course material available at the following link…

Tutorial Easter Cake

Fondant Cake Toppers #11: Finding Nemo Caketopper Tutorial

Easter Chicken Tutorial

Hi all! I would like to share a quick and easy tutorial with you all Happy Easter!!! (“._.”) You can find the whole tutorial on my facebook page: Thank you :) Karla

Spotlight in Cake Magazine UK April 2015

I’m so thrilled that I had the opportunity of being a spotlight article in the Cake Masters Magazine this April 2015. I hope you get a chance to read it. I was so thrilled to share my Cakelustration process. I am looking forward so someday...

Tutorial Home OH + TIP cake topper fondant a casa pasta di zucchero torta decorata

Fable Spring Collaboration (Colaboración Primavera de Fábula)

I´m very happy to be part of the First Spanish Cake Collaboration. It´s called Fable Spring, and every one of us had to make a piece inspiring in a fable. It could be a made up fable aswell. I give you thanks in name of Patricia Bonillo...

Assembly instructions

My friend sent me a photo of the baby leaning over into a box cake. The person that posted it was just an admirer not the baker/decorator so she can’t help me. My daughter is expecting a baby and I thought this would be the perfect cake for her...

Chocolate Heaven

We know that fondant cakes are all colourful and joyful to watch, but there is something that makes you hungry as soon as you see it. Its majesty – Chocolate cake!

Tutorial Elsa Frozen cake topper fondant torta in pasta di zucchero cake design