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How to make miniature fondant lego blocks video tutorial

Quick and easy to make fondant lego blocks. please subscribe for more content. Also be sure to share this video with your friends and followers to show your support. Thanks :)

Icing a cake - free tutorials #1: Creating a Wood bark effect on your cake

Here I show you how I create a wood bark effect on a cake, using fondant a modelling tool and food colouring. If you like the video, please do subscribe to my channel where I put new videos up weekly :) Thank you for watching

help what tip to use

I have this ballerina dress cupcakes to make and im not sure what tip was used for the skirt if anyone can plz let me know thanks :)

How to cover a cake

After being asked several times to put together some tutorials I thought I’d give it a go…. So here’s my first one. I was asked to start with the basics so that’s what I’ve done… What I did forget to do was to take pic of the finished...

Fondant Tips on Eliminating Air Bubbles and Bulges

A common problem that probably every cake decorator has had to deal with at one time or another is when a cake forms bulges after coating it with rolling fondant. This is an especially important issue when making wedding cakes because you...

How i make swan decorations for wedding cookies or tarts.

This video i made to show how i make swan decorations out of royal icing or butter cream. Hope you like it.

New beginnings #26: Ooh fab new supplier for covapaste £13.50 5kg

Hi all I wanted to share a fab new supplier I have found that so far beats prices ive seen anywhere else. The company is called...

New beginnings #25: Last minute forgotten birthday cake :-/

Sorry I have to state here it was all Mr Kirstie’s Cakes fault that this cake for looked over lol it was for his mum he should have reminded me haha although the main reason was the 50th birthday cake that got brought forward a week so I...

My first carved cake 50th birthday cake

This was a cake that I was scared to make. I’ve never made a number cake by carving but thought I’d have a go. The only thing was the date had been brought forward a week argh! I research and found a brilliant plan for what cakes were...

New beginnings #24: Omg! Way above my level :-/

My good friend had been in touch and asked if I could make a special cake for her grand parents 60th diamond wedding anniversary. They wanted the original wedding cake creating with an edible photo inset to. I started googling...