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Falling Leaves Effect

For my Festival of Lights collaboration cake, I did an effect of falling leaves. This is a simple way of how I achieved that. Regards Candace.

Making a fondant wired tree

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Icing a cake - free tutorials #1: Creating a Wood bark effect on your cake

Here I show you how I create a wood bark effect on a cake, using fondant a modelling tool and food colouring. If you like the video, please do subscribe to my channel where I put new videos up weekly :) Thank you for watching

Competition cake chronicles

This week I’ve been starting to put together the cake and characters I’ve been working on over the last few weeks. It’s great to see it starting to take shape, although I have to admit that although I have a general idea of how I want...

Preparation for my first cake competition..cont'd

I’ve been working on some of the characters for the competition cake again this week. I’m quite pleased with them so far, but there’s loads to do yet. Also this week I’ve been trying out recipes and icing techniques for Christmas...