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Cake painting #1: Lamù Cake watercolor effect

Lamù painted cake Here are all the photographs, step by step, to do this cake. The base is a Quattro Quarti cake, with 4 eggs, filled with a chocolate mousse (recipes card on the web site) Painting Lamù. To best understanding of my...

Halloween Pumpkin Cupcake

This is a quick and easy little pumpkin face cupcake tutorial for you to make for halloween

Baileys Ganache

Today I share the recipe for Baileys ganache, here goes … - 200g chocolate (into small pieces) - 100ml cream - 100 ml of Baileys drink - Salt - 15gr. unsalted butter (softened at room temperature) Preparation: Place the chocolate in a...

David Austin Rose my way (Easy, Quick and inexpensive, using mostly 2 round cutters)

For complete PDF copy of my tutorial go to my facebook page . Thank you

Good way to advertise

What is the easiest way to get a customer other than word of mouth

MelinArt's Ruffle Rose

As I love Ruffles,this is something that I came up with and I want to share with you. For more Tutorials visit my Facebook page. Thank You.

I need help!!!

I’m trying to purchase some new equipment for my shop but can get any loans from the banks so I decided to do this. Please help me out. Share the video with your family and friends. Any little bit helps us out!!! ...

Cakes by D.Tigar

Dog cupcakes #1: French Bulldog cupcake

Boffle bear tutorial