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3D Animal Cakes Awards #2: 4 Hours left to enter

Hey all, just a friendly reminder that there are 4 hours left to submit your 3D animal cake into our awards ;) Awards Page

La Catrina Wafer Paper toppers

Make your own toppers for Halloween, with that easy to follow instruction.

Innovative buttercream fruit & flowers: #1: pomegranate & blossom wreath cake

Hi all, I’ve started a new series of unique & unusual buttercream cake tutorials on my Youtube channel. The first is up, it’s a pomegranate & pomegranate flower (technically speaking it’s actually the sepals post petal fall, but hey)...

Can chocolate cake be be made without an almighty mess???? 🤔😄

A thought occurred to me while I was sitting at my kitchen table, waiting for the ganache to set on two cakes before icing, when I glanced down and caught a glimpse of my ‘working’ T-shirt. That thought was, and it’s a very serious question btw,...

Drip cake tutorial

This is the tutorial of my drip cake:

Cookies #2: Easy Walking dead cookies

Learn how to make Walking dead cookies in a snap here:

Cookies #1: Ease Halloween cookies

Here’s the link to the tutorial, learn how to make easy halloween cookies in minutes:


Absent .... so big catch up required

sincere apologies everyone Those of you that follow me on Facebook will know my life has kind of … “gone to rats” in a big way. I’ve had a very big chat with myself … seperated my cake life from my personal life … I now have another Facebook...

How to keep your fondant covered board from scratching

I just read on Facebook about a way to make your covered cake boards scratch and dent-proof. Cover cake board and/or drum with fondant, as you would normally do. Place it in a 170 degree oven for approximately 15 minutes. Fondant will harden...