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Woohooo 20 000 Members!!!

Wow, could you believe this? I remember the first week when we started 3 years ago – I was thinking what it would look like If there are 1000 cake decorators on the site. And now, 20 000 members!! That is a really huge number of cake decorators!...

CakesDecor Theme: Tattoo Inspired Cakes and Cupcakes

I love how we all turn to art for inspiration, patterns, colours, shapes, all of which are perfect elements when designing a tattoo inspired cake. I love this style, it works so well, and, you have the opportunity to really push your artistic...

baby shoes

Royal Icing Lily of the Valley Sugar Cookies

The classic art of royal icing piping has never really gone away. I am happy to say in the last few years royal icing has become popular, even trendy with a modern twist. There are a multitude of decorative uses for royal icing from simple...

how to wrap a template un 5 minutes

how to wrap a template un 5 minutes

Dirt Bike Topper Tutorial

I first made this topper a few weeks ago when Scotty wanted a motorbike on his cake. Gee whiz, this kid has always made me push my boundaries. The first year it was a 3D header (I had limited caking experience), then a John Deere tractor,...

Tutorial for orchid flower

I made this tutorial for Dolce Vita magazine, it is made from gumpaste. Enjoy

Tutorial Mickey Mouse

I made this tutorial for Dolce Vita magazine,hope you will like it!

Light Coconut Cake

This cake is good as is without any frosting or you can frost it like I did for my son’s birthday cake (pictured). Light & Fluffy Coconut Cake (makes 1x 9-inch pan) 1 cup sugar 1 ½ cups flour ½ teaspoon baking powder ¼...

Tutorial baby face