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Tutorial Super Mario #1: Tutorial Super Mario

Does anyone have a no fail dense moist red Velvet recipe for fondant/construction cakes?

I just havent found the right red velvet for fondant cakes yet – the last one I tried sank (my cakes never sink!) so I am hoping someone out there can help me, I have to make one in a couple of weeks time, Thank you!!

Malware Warning!!

[UPDATE] Google has now resolved the issue and is working as expected. Many of you were probably warned by your browser that CakesDecor contains malware and it is unsafe to access it. This issue affected hundreds of high-profile websites,...

Just call me NB ( New Baker )

Hello, I am teacher May, a preschool Teacher 15 years ago and now a school administrator. I love being with children that I did not notice that am working day-in and out in school. One day a business opportunity knocked on my door and I ended up...

Edible mesh fence

Hi guys, hoping you all can help me please. I’m making a cake for next weekend and need to make an octagonal Cage for the top of the cake. It’s a UFC themed cake. I have tried royal icing but it’s very delicate and easily breaks. Any ideas would...

Tutorial Winnie The Pooh #1: Winnie


Tutorial #8: Making Mould and Embossing with Wood Flourishes

So …. I am back from Holiday down the coast of NSW. On my trip I visited a scrapbook shop call Amanda’s of Mogo. And I saw this beautiful Wood Florishes. Spotlight have them too and they are very cheap. ;) Around $3.00 each. Cool right ??? And...

Learning new techniques #1: Cake Embroidery

Started practicing the embroidery technique! It’s so elegant!

Cream Icing Rose - How I make mine

Ingredients Pettinice with added CMC Sugar Glue Tools Plastic Bag Spoons (Plus anything you might find around the house to support outer petals) Make cone shapes, the size depends on how big you want your rose and how much icing...

Cake of the Year

It’s now just 6 months (eek) till I have to make the cake of the year…for Mum & Dad’s 50th wedding anniversary. They had a very quiet registry wedding service, with no cake or reception, so the celebrations for their anniversary this year...