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Favorite Tool Review Challenge #2: Last Day to Enter!

Just a friendly reminder to post your Tool Reviews before June 10, 6:00 pm UTC. Check you these 27 tool reviews that were posted so far.

Tool Review: Pizza Stone

Another essential for baking. I place my cakes on the stone in conjunction with the floral nails, it helps the cakes to bake evenly. I actually leave the pizza stone on my bottom wrack of my oven. It helps many things I bake, cook evenly....

Tool Review: Floral Nails

I use these little babies when I bake my cakes. 1-2 in my small to medium cakes, and anywhere from 4-5 in my larger cakes. Helps cakes to bake evenly by conducting the heat. Stops cakes from doming. I clean well after use, and rub them with...

Tool Review: Silicone Mats

Another essential for me. I use the small silicone mat for all my small fondant & gumpaste work. Sticks to my counter, doesn’t move around. Easy to wipe clean and transport. The larger silicone mat is my answer to rolling out larger...

Tool Review: Turntable

Couldn’t live without my turntable. Use it for just about every cake I’ve done. Put my figures on the turntable to work on. This is my 2nd. turntable, a Wilton upgrade. I would dearly love one of those heavy duty stainless steel turntables,...

Little Mouse Tutorial

Hi! I had so much fun making this little guy! :) :)

Puppy tutorial :)

Tool review 3 & BARGAIN ALERT (UK)

Hi all, Anyone here been longing for a Kitchen Aid but unable to justify the price? That was me 3 months ago until I bought this. Its an all-metal, head tilting, massively powerful KA style mixer with the whip, hook & paddle attachments,...

How Can You Decorate Cupcakes for Your Little Girl’s Birthday

Perhaps it is that special time of the year once again, and your little daughter is anxiously waiting for her approaching birthday bash. Therefore, a party that is complete with a bunch of delicious cupcakes is sure to be in order. Whether the...

How to make brussel sprout cake pops! :)

Brussel sprout cake pops! Don’t worry, they don’t actually taste like sprouts! :) If you like the videos, please subscribe for more content ( it’s free! ) and be sure to share the videos with your friends.