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2 Mouth Watering Cupcake Fillings You Can Create in Under 30 Minutes

Here´s the problem. There aren’t enough cupcakes in the world to satisfy my craving and love for them :) In this post I’m sharing two recipes of cupcake fillings you can create very fast and leave people’s mouths watering… I’ll share the...

Fondant Tutorials #3: Knitted Pattern layover

A fondant and sugarpaste based knitted pattern to add that ‘warm and fuzzy’ feeling to your christening cake, first birthday cake or a baby shower cake… Click here to see the full tutorial

tutorial GIRL CAKE TOPPER FONDANT sculpting a female viso e corpo in pasta di zucchero torta

Cupcake Piping Techniques Tutorial

Welcome to this video tutorial where I share with you my favourite piping tips/nozzles and show you the different techniques for piping each into beautiful swirls of buttercream. I really hope you enjoy this video. Below is a link to my...

Sassy's Cake Tutorials #7: How to carve a car cake, General Lee

Click on the link below for this pictorial

I finally have internet again!

Just to say sorry for my really erratic following on here. Sometimes I could get online and sometimes I couldn’t. But today, Sky broadband replaced our normal broadband supplier and it works! :D So now I can actually get to see all your...

Lovebird house cake topper tutorial

Lovebird house cake topper tutorial :) Valentines day collaboration if you like the videos, please subscribe for more content ( it’s free! ) and be sure to share the videos with your friends.

My first dinosaur cake

Did this cake for friends daughter, she loves dinosaurs 😍😍 This is for the first time when I did the structural cake, I was so excited to make this cake but scared too Coz I’ve never ever attempted any class or any training for such...

A Bite of Buttercream #11: Perfect Layers

Perfect, even layers. They look good huh? But just how do you get them? Sorcery? Well possibly, but let’s stick to the easy way! There are numerous ways you can layer (Torte) your cake, but we’ll look at the three most popular, and weigh their...


Hello again, you may have noticed that i have not been on her for a while, unfortunatley. Because of this i just wanted to send u a warning that you will be recieving like a billion notifications – Sorry! 😉 I have had a great few months learning...