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Smoother Buttercream

I know there has been plenty of discussions previously on here about...

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Eggless Cake

Does anyone have a good moist recipe for an eggless cake? Got a request for...

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Kids Classes

I’d love a little feedback from you cakers. I’ve been thinking about...

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Black royal icing!

I’ve got an order of cookies to do later this week. I’m a little worried...

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Fading fondant

Can anyone tell me if there is any way to prevent fondant (especially hot...

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Source for flavorings

Does anyone have a good economic site for ordering flavors and extracts...

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Sturdy Choc Cake

I have an order for a very chocolately cake. I love the Hersheys cocoa...

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Moist Vanilla CC Recipe

Good Morning! I’m still searching to find a GOOD vanilla cupcake recipe...

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Flour brand

I need to buy less expensive flour if possible. What kind of flour do you...

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buying big?

I have a small building in my yard for my part time caking. I was...