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I have a small building in my yard for my part time caking. I was interested in buying wholesale ingrediants but don’t need a HUGE amount at the time. What do you do? Sooooo many trips to the grocery store get old AND expensive!

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Jess B ...

I buy my flour/sugar/confectioners sugar at Costco. Bags are 50lbs each they have smaller of course. It does save on trips to the grocery store. Hope this helps:-)

Janiepie ...

Hey Jess! Thanks for you info. Do you use a particular brand of flour from there? I usually buy White Lily because it’s so light and fluffy, but it’s pretty expensive. I worry about the quality of cake with other flours.

Jess B ...

I’m not sure the brand as I empty the ingredients into bins once I get home. I’m on my way to Costco today I will check the brand once I’m there.