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I’ve got an order of cookies to do later this week. I’m a little worried because I need to use black icing. I know sometimes dark colors get chaulky looking after they dry. Any advice when using black royal icing would be greatly appreciated!

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Tammy ...

i use black RI all the time and i haven’t noticed it being chaulky. have you tried it recently? perhaps a different RI recipe is needed if you’ve had that problem in the past. just remember it will dry darker than when it is wet. you can check out my FB page and i have a cookie album if you want to take a look at some that i’ve used black on. i recently did some Batman and UGA (the big “G”) cookies that have a lot of black. hope this helps.

Janiepie ...

Thanks Tammy, would you mind sharing your recipe so I can compare?

Tammy ...

no problem. it’s Marian’s from you can find her recipe here:
as well as tips on coloring icing and everything in between. i love her site.