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I’d love a little feedback from you cakers. I’ve been thinking about teaching a little course of cake decorating or cupcakes to little girls in my backyard shop. I was thinking of starting with ages 6-10 and something very simple. What would be your suggestions, pricing, hours etc?

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Amy Filipoff ...

I would suggest doing as birthday parties, parents are always willing to shell out a little more when its thier childs birthday. Personally I’m always looking for new birthday party otions for my kids. I teach a kids decorationg class at my sons school (its volunteer so I dont make anything the pta just reimburses my costs). The kids really love working with fondant and cupcakes best. Most of the kids have a hard time with icing cakes, so I stick to cookies & cupcakes. I teach them basics such as mandling the bag, using tips, borders, drop flowers etc. They get to bring home whatever they decorate.

Paula ...

i am teaching a cake decorating class ages 10-12. Next week its a 3 day course 2 1/2 hours each day, kept it small to 6 kids. I am looking forward to it, each day will be something different. I would like to do it on summer vacation, winter vacation etc. So lets hope it works.

Janiepie ...

Thanks Amy and Cupcake25! What would be a fair price to charge for a 2 hour class and them taking home a six inch iced cake?

Paula ...

I am in california, and i just tried to do a round about figure based on other classes around here.
For the first day it is teaching them to bake from a recipe cupcakes, then giving them 5 different ways to decorate a cupcake. They each decorate 5 that day.
Then the next day is icing filling a cake, the 3rd day is putting fondant on cake and deocrating their cake.
Each day has a tutorial they will go home with so they can recreate what they did.
I have a theme for the cake.
I charged 85 which includes all ingredients, they just come.
I would love to hear your ideas too, maybe we could learn together.

mydearbakes ...

I think its a good idea to engaging kids into cake decorating class, its like playing play doh and I’m sure it will be a blast! I would say we should try to limit the number of kids per class so that it would be manageable for the instructor? ^^

Crystal ...

I teach 2 kids per class, usually one adult accompanies them. We decorate a dozen cupcakes and I show them a fun little rainbow swirl technique. Then we decorate a fondant covered dummy. Takes a couple of hours and I charge $120.00 but would probably say with real cake and no cupcakes I would charge $75/ each and they would leave with a really neatly decorated cake each.

One thing I will say, smaller class is better. Young ones tend to have very short attention spans and it’s hard to get them to focus.

Mrsbrf ...

I think the birthday party idea is very good. I am in england and i teach children as i run a class as part of the british sugarcraft guild. (We also have to undergo a crb check to ensure we have no criminal record that would prevent us from working with children)