Windsor Craft


Windsor Craft

May 2014 49 Warrington, Cheshire, UK

Hi everyone we are very new to Cakes Decor but what an amazing online community. We are very excited to be involved!!
We are Windsor Craft, currently the largest cake decorating retail store in Europe stocking everything from basics for the home baker right through to expert and professional tools. We are the creators of the much loved 'Clikstix' cutters and are always happy to give help and advice on how to use them and what you could create!

We have joined Cakes Decor to share with you some of our amazing cakes that are made everyday by our team of expert tutors and cake decorators.

-- Windsor Craft


Allways Julez

Welcome to CakesDecor… looking forward to seeing more from your team!

Elli Warren

Love your store so much!! :-) x


Thanks for the follow…. I’m returning the favor. I scanned through your cakes & they’re lovely! ~April

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Welcome to CD. How clever to have invented such a useful and well used tool for decorators! Bravo! And your cakes ain’t bad either! !! :o)