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Holiday Tutorial Series #1: Fondant RKT Christmas Tree and Shrubs Tutorial

Hi Everyone, Holiday season is fast approaching and I am sure you have a project that needs a touch of greenery. My newest tutorial shows how to make Fondant decorated Rice Krispy Treats (RKT) in the shape of a Christmas Tree and Shrubs. ...

Sweet Delights Cakery

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Rapunzel in her Tower tutorial (updated with pictures and stuff I forgot the first time!)

This was my first ever cake a) involving a degree of construction and b) using Dawn Butler’s new Cake Frame product (I bought a starter kit at Cake International, Birmingham) It may be a bit basic for some of you – but hopefully may be of...


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PVC cake armature #1: Brobee 3D cake

PVC “HOW TO” I am still a new cake artist, and am far from perfect. I had an order for a children’s birthday party, in which the customer wanted a 3D character from a popular children’s show, Yo Gabba Gabba. I searched all over Cakesdcor and...


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Tangled Rapunzel Tower cake tutorial

This tutorial covers setting up the support structure and decoration of a “Tangled” Rapunzel Tower Cake as can be seen on https://www.facebook.com/CustomCakeDesigns …. This support structure was made for a cake that needed to cater for 70...

Custom Cake Designs

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Sculpted Cakes #1: Freddie the Dog

This is a tutorial to create a sculpted or 3D sitting dog cake like my ‘Freddie’ cake. You could adapt this to different breeds (even different animals!) and make it in a variety of sizes. I used a 14 inch board and two chocolate sponge...

The Sugarpaste Fairy

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The Creepy Batty Candy Cauldron

Just in time for Halloween! A quick little RKT Topper Tutorial that can easily be applied to a ball cake. The same technique can also be applied to a Jack-O-Lantern Bucket OR even skull! The possibilities are as endless as your imagination....

Slice of Sweet Art

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Xbox 360 Controller

How to make an xbox 360 controller out of RKT and fondant/gumpaste mix.

BellaCakes & Confections

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Bauble Cakes #1: How to make a bauble cake

My friends, I am sharing with you all part 1 of my video tutorial on how I made some of the BAUBLE CAKES shown on the photos above. I’ve made BAUBLE CAKES using RKT, baked half sphere cakes and the “cake pop technique”. In this video, I...


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How to make a Mini "Taco" Cake

So how did I do it? Start preparing the “Taco Shells” a day or days ahead the cake is needed. (Since I can only work on cakes at night due to my regular work – I prepared the “Taco Shells” 3 days ahead). TACO SHELLS – What to use to...

Bobie MT

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Tangled cake tutorial

Hi everyone! This is my first real tutorial and there are some missing photos so bare with me. I hope I have explained this clearly enough and that it’s not a terrible bore. :) Here we go: I started by tracing and cutting (3) 12" circles...

Tiffany Palmer

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