Rabbit Tutorial

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When you paint the ear tips black you have a little snow hare. ;)

· Rice Krispies
· Marshmallows
· Shortening
· Fondant
· Gum Paste
· Confectioners Glaze
· Food color paste and petal dust
· Alcohol
· Wafer Paper
· Sugar Glue

· Veining/Dresden Tool
· Rolling Pin for Gum Paste
· Paint Brush
· Scissors
· Sharp knife or Cutting Wheel for the Gum Paste

Recipe for Rice Krispie Treats

Melt 100g marshmallows with 20g shortening. Add 80g Rice Krispies and mix it.
The mass can be formed with well greased hands.

How To

First you have to make a dummy out of “Rice Krispie Treats” (recipe above). Make sure to have caves for the eyes.

Create a paper template for the ears and test it on the dummy for size and shape.

Cover the head of the rabbit with white fondant and model the little nose/mouth (y-shape) and cheeks. The eye sockets are also covered, but left hollow.

Roll out the flower paste and cut the ears using the template above. Glue the ears with sugar glue to the head and shape them.

Make two balls from fondant or flower paste for the eyeballs. Prior to insertion they can be freezed shortly so they retain their round shape. If necessary, the eye socket can be enlarged with a knife. Place them with a little bit glue into the caves, and paint them with color paste/petal dust and alcohol.

Make two small fondant sausages as long as an eye and place them as eyelids onto the eyeball and spread them outwards.

In the next step you cover the dummy with fondant and give him a fur like structure with the veining tool. Pay attention to the direction of hair growth.

Paint the nose and the ears with pink petal dust first. Then mix the dust with water or alcohol to paint the veins with a very fine brush into the ears.

When the paint on the eyeballs is dried, dab some undiluted Confectioners Glaze on them to make them shiny. Attention: You can clean your brush only with high percent alcohol or a special dilution. I applied the glace with a cotton swab.

Finally cut some very fine stripes of wafer paper for the whiskers and the eye lashes. Glue them with a ultra tiny amount of sugar glue.

-- Floralilie Sugar Art

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