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Holiday Tutorial Series #1: Fondant RKT Christmas Tree and Shrubs Tutorial

Hi Everyone,

Holiday season is fast approaching and I am sure you have a project that needs a touch of greenery. My newest tutorial shows how to make Fondant decorated Rice Krispy Treats (RKT) in the shape of a Christmas Tree and Shrubs. These decorations were made for a Gingerbread house I made for a local charity. The house was auctioned for $500 and it also won the Gold Ribbon at the show!

Fondant RKT Christmas Tree and Shurbs Tutorial

Here’s link to the a 360 view of the house
More Pictures of the Gingerbread House!

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Sweet Wishes to All


-- Sweet Delights Cakery

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Machus sweetmeats

Thanks, it’s a great tutorial

Bethann Dubey

Beautiful thank you so much for sharing :) <3

Sweet Delights Cakery

You’re very welcome! Happy Holidays <3