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blue cake (triangle)

Hi everyone, This is a tutorial . It’s how I made it easy en quick for my self. Good luck! x Peggy ( Precious Taarten )

Peggy ( Precious Taarten)

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Chocolate Blue Tit

Hi Lovelies, here is how I made my chocolate blue tit topper

Valentina's Sugarland

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Buttercream bluebell woodland cake - piping & edible oil painting

Hi all, It’s bluebell season here in the UK, and for a few weeks we have gorgeous seas of purple flowers covering the ground and releasing their scent into the air. I went to see the beautiful scenery at Clent Hills on Friday and was...

Fancy Favours & Edible Art (Sawsen)

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Battle the January Blues with Royal Icing Baby Animal Cookies 🦒🐮👶

Anyone affected with the January blues? I have the answer create these Adorable Royal Icing Baby Animal Cookies and it will brighten your heart! They are also are awesome for a first birthday party!


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Beautiful Bouquets #1: Blueberry buttercream flower garden cupcakes

Hi all, This is the first in a new series of 5 buttercream floral bouquet themed tutorials. Mini flower garden cupcakes coloured with blueberry powder and other natural colours. Enjoy! The series trailer can be seen here, featuring...

Fancy Favours & Edible Art (Sawsen)

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Buttercream Blue Roses Wreath cake

Learn how to make buttercream roses, pipe blossoms and leaves and create this winter floral wreath cake in blue.

Olga Zaytseva

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blue eyed daisy tutorial

https://www.facebook.com/groups/1482592135316349/ our site where are lots more free tutorials https://www.facebook.com/groups/1482592135316349/ our site where are lots more free tutorials


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How to Make a Blue Ruffle Edge Sugar Succulent

A blue ruffle edged sugar succulent modeled after an Echeveria Neon Breaker. Taking special note of the dusting and coloring is essential as that is what brings this sugar succulent to life. Thank you for watching.

The Confectionery Gallery

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Blue Fantasy Poinsettia: Gumpaste/ Sugar Craft

I first saw Blue Fantasy Poinsettias in a lobby about a year ago. The lobby was decorated with all sorts of decorated Christmas trees. My favorite, as one might guess, was a tree decorated entirely in Blue Velvet Fantasy Poinsettias. I took...

The Confectionery Gallery

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Angry birds cake toppers #5: fondant blue angry bird tutorial

How to make the blues from angry birds in fondant. If you like the videos, please subscribe for more content ( it’s free! ) and be sure to share the videos with your friends.

Zoe's Fancy Cakes

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