Edible Painitng on Cakes #1: My edible painting on fondant covered cake

Step #1 Cover cake with fondant with your choice of color

Step #2 Trim edges and smooth fondant onto cake

Step #3 Draw/Transfer image on cake using scriber needle and pencil (this will be “erased” later with water)

Step #4 Shade images using gelpaste diluted in water in light colors first to create a base color underneath

Step #5 Meanwhile prepare some ribbon flowers and leaves

Step #6 Color the flowers and leaves using darker and stronger shade, this time using gelpaste with little water

Step #7 Let the colors dries first then add a second coating on top of the base color to create depth

Step #8 Top the cake with flower using water as glue

Step #9 Add silver luster dust to the lighter part of the image to create highlight

Step #10 Add gold luster dust to the flowers and leaves

Now your cake is ready!

Chef Cherie @http://www.facebook.com/mycakestudio


Looks lovely! I like the base colour of blue :)
but are you allowed to draw on cakes with pencil seeing as they are being eaten!?


I think pencil is non-toxic.. right? Can’t wait to try this!

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Yes I was thinking about the pencil being safe to draw on cakes, when I did this project I used pencil as an outlined then erased it with water as I go along, but since I’m not sure about it being non-toxic, you can use a scriber needle instead, poke some indention as outline, to transfer an image.

Chef Cherie @http://www.facebook.com/mycakestudio

Very impressive, thanks for posting!

this is impressive…but aren’t pencils made of lead and therefore toxic? is there not a different way to draw the pattern on the fondant?

as I am not sure about the pencil being toxic or not ( some pencils are not made of lead anymore but of clay ) you can transfer an image using a scriber needle as mentioned in the above tread

Chef Cherie @http://www.facebook.com/mycakestudio

As far as I’m aware, these days pencils don’t contain lead but use graphite which is non-toxic xx

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I find a fab alternative is to just use light grey sugar flair dust mixed with vodka, this is the same colour as pencil and covers over easily with your chosen colours. Gives you an ideal way to check size and composition before painting on.