Q&A: Type of Armature Wire for Models

What is your preferred wire for creating armatures for sculptures? I use electric fence wire in gauges 14 and 17. The 14 gauge is strong and sturdy, but very difficult for me to shape with my arthritic hands. Not being as sturdy, I usually double the 17 gauge, which is much easier to bend. If you are familiar with a strong, sturdy product, which is not too hard to shape, I would greatly appreciate your advice.

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As you know Sandra, I don’t sculpt much. There was a discussion on on of my cake decorating fb pages about sculpting/ wire. I tried to find the discussion, but couldn’t. Was awhile ago. I do know was a discussion about aluminum wire. Found this, but on a air dry clay site. ….. https://www.susiebenes.com/blogs/airdryclayart/down-to-the-wire-armatures-for-air-dry-clay….. “Aluminium – Aluminum armature wire is the best for sculpting: it’s easy to shape, yet solid. You may find “aluminium wire” in the hardware store, but head’s up: this type of wire does not take to re-shaping very well and may snap if overbent. Wire designated as “armature” tends to be more flexible and can be re-shaped several times over. It’s also why it’s one of the priciest options.”
And found this right from CD…. Using aluminum. https://cakesdecor.com/entries/437-wireframed-figurine-tutorial
Hope this helps. I know how hard it is to manipulate wire with arthritic hands!!

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Hi Sandra, I have rheumatism too! :-) so I’m glad I’m not alone in that, even though it’s a strange disease …
I use threaded rods and a tube to bend them. It’s easy and it holds up very well :-)

I use galvanized metal wire. It is very hard and extremely difficult to shape, but it is cheaper than aluminium, which I know is the best armature wire for sculpting.
Thanks for the question, Sandra. 😊💗
I will definitely follow this discussion and hopefully more people with experience will get involved with helpful tips.

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