Hi, my name is Albena and I am from Bulgaria. Thank you for following me!
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Hi Albena! Lovely works!!

il mondo di ielle

Nice to meet you, your work is beautiful!
New follow from me :)


Thank you very much Ladies!

Albena Nacheva

Thank you so much for the followm Albena! I really enjoy your work and am following you too.

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Thank you for your compliment on my cake! Your cakes are so beautiful!! New follower!

Thanks for the follow Sandra! Your work is awesome, I like it so much!

Albena Nacheva

Thanks for the follow Dimi! I love your work and am following you back!

Albena Nacheva

Hi, il mondo di ielle and I’m sorry for the delay! Lovely work!!! You have a new follower!!

Albena Nacheva

Hi Albena,
So beautiful cakes💕💖
Прекрасни торти!!!
You have a new follower 😘👏