Q&A: What is your favorite way to smooth modeling chocolate?

Sandra Smiley
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It has been a struggle from the beginning achieving modeling chocolate figures which are smooth and seamless. The heat of my hands, a hair dryer, and a soft paintbrush dipped in hot water are the methods I’ve used, all with mixed results. Would anyone care to share their secrets? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and hugs!

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For modelling chocolate, I just use the back of either my dresden tool or metal ball tool to blend. Depends on the size of seam. Definitely my #1 tools. Occasionally I add a smidge of shortening to the seam, then blend till it disappears. I think this is a tip I may have picked up from Zoe Hopkinson..aka Zoe’s fancy cakes.

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I find if you use the heat of your hands gently as you rub the seam away works best. This a little more time consuming, but completely worth doing. Hope this helps ~ Bobbie

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I get some Mc roll it into a ball, put cling film around it tightly so the cling film excess is at the back and I use the front to gently smooth all over the surface, it’s a great method for large areas.. keeping it taught..