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Christmas Flower - Hellebore wafer paper

What I have used: vodka – toothpick – scissors – wafer paper – edible glue – edible powder colors (as an alternative cocoa powder and turmeric) My paper pattern measures half A4 sheet. In green what I have used for the pistils. You can...

Custom Wilton rose

After my wedding cake with roses, I thought to find a way to relize roses with a personal touch, to prepare within few minutes, easy to make for everybody but with a great effect. I really hope this can help to make your life easier! Here it is....

Christmas funny reindeer

Have fun and have a Merry Christmas with your reindeers!

Marble technique for movement effect or natural details

I love this simple technique and I use it very very often. Furthermore it is a good way to use tiny bits or left over of fondant coming from the cake you just finished to cover. Put all your bits together, knead them slightly until the colours...

Maori Tattoo monochrome, cake painting

Tools you will need. Draw your template on parchment paper. Prepare a plate made of modeling chocolate or fondant, as you prefer. Lay the template on the plate and follow each line with a toothpick in order to affect slightly your...