Free Video TUTORIALS #4: How to make FONDANT SNOWMAN

Here’s a new FREE TUTORIAL! How to make FONDANT CHRISTMAS SNOWMAN cake topper – ielle’s tips Activate SUBTITLES IN YOUR LANGUAGE!

How to make Minions out of Fondant Cake Topper

Something really strange has been happening in my kitchen lately…..I see lots of Minions, how come? Watch the video to find out!!!!


(English below) Hola!! Os dejo un mini tutorial que he hecho para las vacaciones de semana santa. Un Nazarenito jeje <3 Espero que os guste! Si os gusta mi trabajo podéis ver más cosas en...

Working With Wafer Paper #2: How to make Golden Wafer Paper Eggs

Just in time for Spring! Learn how to make these lovely golden wafer paper eggs to adorn your cakes or to simply show off as decorations. Wafer paper can be difficult to work with, but this...

How to make Joy from Inside Out Disney Pixar cake topper out of fondant

Emotions are inside our head, and make us feel in different ways. Today I’m going to show you how to make Joy from Inside Out, a Disney-Pixar Movie that seems to be really, really nice. Not...

How to make a Bat for Halloween out of fondant

Hi Sweeties, here is the tutorial of my version of a Bat for Halloween! I wanted to make a cute Bat, not a scary one! I hope you like it Enjoy ;)

How to make a Koala out of fondant

Hi Sweeties, Latley I wanted to make some animals cake toppers and the first one that came on my mind was the Koala! Isn’t he sooo cute??? XOXO

Mexican Cactus Caketopper

Hi in this video I am going to show you how to make a caketopper using gumpaste. I hope you like it <3 Please, do not forget subscribe and like :) Follow me: About me:...

How to make Masha out of fondant

This video has been requested many times, and here is it now!!!