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Cake International 2013


This morning, after a two hour car journey we finally reached the NEC, Cake International.
It was amazing!! – All the cakes were incredible, I even got to see a few cakes from our very own Cakes Decor Community, you all did such a great job!!

I took plenty of photos, I’m hoping to post a few pictures on Monday to show you all some of the outstanding talent of the cake decorating world. I have never been to Cake International before, so I didn’t know what to expect, but, I really loved it. I have never come across a place like it before, it’s a real treat for anyone interested in all things cake… and when people tell you to take plenty of cash, they’re certainly not wrong, it has everything you could ever need to make an amazing cake (I tried not to go too crazy with the shopping).

Every single one of the competition cakes were unique, I was so stunned to see a 5ft 5" Captain Jack Sparrow cake just standing there on the table, you are all some extremely talented people!!

I can’t wait until April 2014 when Cake International comes to London, I’ve decided to put myself in for the challenge of creating something new for the judges. As nervous as I am, I’m also very excited, I’ve never entered any type of competition before.

Once again, massive well done to everyone at the NEC today, your work is beyond anything I have ever seen before, I can’t wait until next year to experience it all again!!

We even got to see The Queen of Cakes, Mary Berry!! :D

-- Laura Loukaides -

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Zoe's Fancy Cakes

Hi Laura,

I dont suppose you know if they had put who the winners were for each category? I can’t seem to be able to find them out x

Laura Loukaides

Hi Zoe,

I think if you go to the Cake International Facebook page you can see a few of the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners from each category. When I was there many of the cakes had been given either a merit, bronze, silver and gold.

If you entered there’s a number you can call to find out your result: 0870 761 3809 (after 4pm)

- Laura Xx

Zoe's Fancy Cakes

Thank laura, I called the number and it was engaged till 5 then after 5 when I kept calling it just said number not in use :( x

Beata Khoo

Thanks Laura for writting about the cake competition, i am still here and entered competition. Got silver and merit which i am very happy – my first time here too. Its been amazing expierience and for sure i do it again, but i would enter one cake rather then 2 because i run out of time to finish one cake as i wanted to ;) very hard to fo 2 jobs ;))) anywy i may see you today ;))


Laura, you are so lucky to be in the UK and to be able to attend such an amazing event… Would love to be able to attend one day (an excuse to go visit one of my favorite places in the world, been there at least 15 times :-)
And you are very talented so I am sure you will woo the judges… Waiting for your pictures :-)))


I love mary berry! Thanks so much for writing about the competition, we don’t get to see wonderful events like this to often in Australia :-)

SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

Sounds like you had a great time laura! I couldnt make it to the birmingham cake international cos I dont have transport, but, im hoping to make it to the manchester one in march. Its close enough to me.
Whether or not I will enter a cake? I dont know, I havnt decided yet. It will be my first one like you! :)

lorraine mcgarry

Hi Laura you sound just like I did last year. I went to the Manchester show and was just blown away with all the talent, and like you I’ve decided to enter the next Manchester show I just wish there were more big show’s closer to me as it’s really difficult to get to the show’s for me I have to put holidays in as I work weekends on nights lol. Glad you had a fab time xx