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CakesDecor Giveaway 2019 #3: Global Artist Networks Master Series Brushes!

Hi everyone!

This months giveaway is the Global Artist Networks Master Series Brushes! They are absolutely gorgeous brushes and the lucky winner will receive:

  • 1 Black micro Liner Brush – size 0
  • 1 White Micro Liner Detail Brush – size 00
  • 1 Black Micro Liner Detail Brush Shaper – size 0 & 1
  • Black Leather Case for 3 Brushes

The brushes are perfect for painting fine intricate details, doll faces, fine hairs, eyelashes on sculptures, miniature works etc. You are going to love this prize!


  1. All you have to do is click the “Share” link found below the description of this banner to share this Giveaway with your friends. Select “Public” option when you are sharing."
  2. Answer the following: IF TOM HANKS HAD HIS OWN CAKE COMPANY, WHAT WOULD HE CALL IT? Please leave your answers in a comment below.

We look forward to read your replies and the lucky winner will be revealed on Tuesday 26th March!

We wish you lots of luck from the CakesDecor Team!!
Elli :-) x

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