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How to make sharp fondant blocks

How to make sharp fondant blocks :)

• Ruler to measure 30mm x 30mm
• Sharp long knife
• Modelling paste or fondant mixed with tylo powder
• 2 cake smoothers

To make the blocks you need to roll out a fondant-tylo powder mixture/modelling paste into a ball and then into a thick sausage.

Pat with your hand each side of sausage to make it flat and that it is the height that you require for your blocks, if you use mixture of fondant and tylo powder let it harden for 5 minutes before using a very sharp long knife to cut off the sides, if you use modeling paste you don’t need to wait :)

Cut out even squares, next take 2 fondant smoothers and smooth every each side of fondant block,

if you see that block is not too even then cut off the excess with sharp knife and smooth sides again.

Leave blocks to dry and then they are ready to go on the cake!

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fondant blocks sharp edges tutorial


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