Bethann Dubey




Large Wafer Paper Tulips

When you paint them the color will look bold , but it soaks into the paper and and the petal will curl :D . I then brush them with luster dust .<3

-- Dubey Cakes



Thank you so much !! Awesome !!

Sugar Duckie (Maria McDonald)

Gorgeous! Thanks for the tute. I’ll have to try this x

Bethann Dubey

I hope you do Maria :D thank you xoox

Elli Warren

Beautiful!! Thank you so much!! :-) x

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Thanks for rhe tutorial Bethann.

Iria Jordan

Thank you for sharing!

Edelcita Griffin (The Pretty Nifty)

Oh wow! Thank you for sharing. I should give this a go.


gorgeous thanks for sharing

Bethann Dubey

Thank you so much !!! I am so happy you like it and I would love if you would make them xoxoxo <33 xoxo



sugar voyager

Gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing💕

Sweet Side of Cakes by Khamphet

Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing xx


Gorgeous, thank you hun xx

Bethann Dubey

Thank you so much for viewing!!!! xoxo <3 and for all the lovely comments <33


awesome —thanks for the tutorial