Cosmos flower tutorial

Supply list:
Wires – 24, 26 and 33 gauge,
Nile green floral tape,
Bumpy foam,
Foam pad,
Flat brushes for dusting,
Pollen mix (petal dust and corn flour mix),
Petal dusts (for this project I use Magenta and Geranium from CK),
A bunch of small stamens,
Cosmos flower cutter,
Cosmos flower veiner,
Gumpaste (for this project I used Satin Ice, you will need yellow, green and white)

Photo 1:
Start by coloring the stamens black with a mix of black gel color and lemon extract. Leave to dry completely.
Using gum glue, dip the stamens into pollen once and leave to dry again.
With the help of wire cutters cut the stamens short leaving a little pointy tip.

Photo 2:
Start by making a “daisy hook” on a piece of 24 gauge wire, if you don’t know how to make it, a regular T hook will work too.
Photo 3:
Insert the hook into the ball of yellow gumpaste and holding it upside down secure the wire by pinching the gumpaste around it tightly.
Photo 4:
Slowly start to shape the center by pinching small pieces of gumpaste from both sides.
Photo 5:
Slowly work your way from the center to the edge.

Photo 6-7:
In the beginning it will look a bit messy but soon you will see a pretty center starting to take shape. When you come to the edges you can pinch and pull, that will make the ridges thinner and more ruffled.

Photo 8-9:
Using pointy tweezers start dipping stamens into gumglue and attaching them to the center. You have to be careful how much glue you use otherwise the black color will start to dissolve into your pretty yellow center. Use glue only on the stem part of the stamen and as little as you can. Place stamens around the center leaving the middle empty. Leave to dry.

Photo 10:
With wire cutters cut 8 pieces of 26 gauge wire, around 3” long.
Roll out a piece of white gumpaste on a groove board and cut out 8 petals. While you are working keep them inside of a plastic cover to prevent drying.

Photo 11-12:
Thin out the edges with a large ball tool then using the smaller size pull the gumpaste up (on both sides of the wire) creating a “ruffled” top.

Photo 13:
Vein the petals and leave them flat to dry on the flat side of the bumpy foam.
Photo 14:
Dust the petals with a mix of Magenta and Geranium petal dusts. Start by dusting the bottom of the petal, then the top and then just a little bit on the both sides. You still want to have a white part in the middle.
Photo 15:
Attach 4 of the petals to the dry cosmos center and then add the other 4 in between the first ones.
Photo 16:
TIP: You can add the second row of petals underneath and between the first row. In this photo, I added the second petals in between and angled them a bit (one side of the petal is on top of the petal beside it while the other side is underneath). Basically just add them whichever way you think looks the best.

Photo 17:
With wire cutters, cut 2” long pieces of 33 gauge wire.
Thread a ½ pea size piece of green gumpaste over the wire and start rolling it in the palm of your hand. You don’t want it to extend the wire too much (break risk), bend it and then flatten, it should look like a pine needle. Leave to dry.
Photo 18:
Use a long piece of 26 gauge wire and start attaching the leaves, one on each side and bend those outwards.

Photo 19-20:
If you are making one large branch you will need 3 small branches in different lengths. Attach the smaller ones to the big one. Bend them in different directions to give them some movement.

Cosmos flower tutorial

I hope you enjoy this tutorial. Thank you so much for your support and love.
Hugs, Selma ~ Little Apple Cakes

Selma S. ~ Little Apple Cakes


Wow Selma, theyre so beautiful!……Thanks for sharing xx

sugar and art - perfect combination!

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So so beautiful. Thanks Selma I just need an occasion to try them out xxxx

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Thanks everyone, I never got a chance to post them here :) I guess it’s never too late ;)

Selma S. ~ Little Apple Cakes

Thanks a lot for sharing!

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Gorgeous and beautiful flowers….thank you so much Selma <3

Thank you so much Selma for this beautiful instructive and gorgeous tutorial on your stunning cosmos flower x

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